• Can we bill direct to insurance companies?

    Our clinic is a private clinic and our treatments are not covered under OHIP. For your convenience we are able to accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Debit card, cash and cheque. We are also able to submit to some extended health insurance plans. The list we are able to submit to is below. We are also able to treat patients who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and we are registered with Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to bill automobile insurers directly.

      Extended Insurance Plans:
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Cowan
    • Great West Life
    • Green Shield
    • Industrial Alliance
    • Johnson Inc.
    • Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group
    • Standard Life
    • Sun Life

    We will be happy to submit your visit to the company. Please bring your card along with the subscriber's name and date of birth if it is different than yours.

    Please note that some policies may not allow online submission or may not pay us directly. This is a result of how your individual plan has been set up by your company and is not something that we are able to adjust.

    Thank you.

    posted: March 29, 2016